Hot on Set

Yes, yes, you’re all terribly sexy. ;)

But what I’m talking about is being wired up for sound.

The term ‘hot’ means you’re live, the sound technician has the ability to hear, and possibly record, everything. Remember all those funny or jaw dropping clips you’ve heard of things people say when they forget they’re miked? Hilarious. Totally human.

But it could also put you in an awkward situation if you head back to set after the lunch you spent bashing the producer and she’s waiting for you. Or your I-never-tell-these-jokes-but jokes is heard by a client.

It can be a bit bigger than “Whoops! They’d heard me singing while I pee!”

Remember when you’re miked. Remember when other people are miked. If you know how, disconnect the mic from the battery pack in your down time and then reconnect when your back on set.

But don’t stop singing while you pee. That’s fun.


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