There are times I walk into the room and I just feel off.  Weird day, bad day, can’t put my finger on it day. Or there are times when I feel great and the room feels weird. They’re impatient, frustrated. I know it’s not aimed at me (generally *wink*), but both situations can leave me feeling at loose ends. And the one thing you want to feel in the room is comfortable. So part of my getting ahead of that is having a goal.

In the room, I have an achievable goal, and if I achieve that, I’m golden. A lot of the time for me, it’s a technical goal. It distracts me from putting all the pressure on the emotion of the scene, thereby putting me in my head, which is the last place I want to be.

My goals can be:

– feel my feet on the floor

– laser focus on the reader

– to make sure any secondary eye lines are just to the left or right of the camera frame

– remember stillness

It doesn’t matter what it is. But if you choose something, even if it’s something simple like saying “Hi, how are you?” to the CD (because those things can go SUPER well if you’re nervous), then you feel a sense of accomplishment.

I can’t control everything that happens in the room. But I can give myself one, little box to tick off.

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